Telegraph Ave Business Improvement District

Telegraph Business Improvement District Market Research

Telegraph Business Improvement District, TBID, contacted TouchStone Marketing to conduct a survey to understand the impact of the revitalization of historical Telegraph Ave.


This survey was undertaken to provide visitor and merchant input on the effectiveness of these efforts. Secondly, TBID needed to identify the direction of changes that will continue to improve commercial activity and revitalize this vibrant, mixed-use location in coordination with UC Berkeley.


TouchStone Marketing conducted a survey of 5 separate groups to understand the demographics and diversity of the cross section of the Telegraph Ave visitors. This included Cal Students on Cal Day, Cal Athletic Fans, On-The-Street Survey, Merchants and a Facebook on-line Survey for a total of 726 completed surveys.


Data was collected on a visitor demographics, frequency, travel, purpose of trip, favorite businesses, recommendations of additional stores, knowledge of TBID events, overall impressions of Telegraph Ave. and other commentary.

The survey(s) indicated that people are very interested in preserving Telegraph Ave, both from a historical perspective and the richness of visiting this area. Special events, game days and shopping bring many visitors to Telegraph Ave all creating an economic impact for the merchants and shops. As a result of the survey, TBID was able to understand the impact of the past efforts at the revitalization of Telegraphic Ave and what specific areas could/should be continued in the revitalization effort.

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