3 Simple Tactics to Collect Testimonials

You've got a much better shot at getting fantastic, in-the-moment testimonials and reviews if you ask for them on the spot rather than letting your fans walk out the door. 1 Get it online It takes a bit of effort for someone to log on to Yelp or Amazon to leave a review, and the longer it's...
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Spend More to Make More

Spend More Make More
Business Strategy - Invest
Invest in your Business
There is nothing that can bring up the money gremlins faster than shelling out a big wad of dough that you weren’t expecting. Here are some famous expense triggers in a business: •...
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If You Build it Will They Will Come?

Social Media ContentThe biggest mistake people make in the world of social engagement marketing is expecting a Field-of-Dreams moment when they put up a new piece of content. If you build it, they may come ... but they may not engage. Your goal is more than...
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Social Media Success.

Social MediaThe basic consideration for understand Social Media Success is to develop specific content that reflects your expertise which then builds your dedicated audience. For instance, expertise in filling the seats for seminars, building instructional CD's, how-to videos, music, current trending topics, etc. I think you...
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imagesThis is not NEW news but a reminder for our 2015 business priorities. Savvy business owners are updating their websites to be mobile friendly.

According to statista, mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide will be 52.4% in 2015. Business owners and social media managers need to ensure the format of any promotions that include driving people to their websites and images are mobile optimized.

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Finding the time for Social Media!

Social Media Planning
Social Media Planning works when a calendar is set up for activities and tracking.
Social Media is too important and MUST part of my business strategy and a regular occurrence. To make this process routine, I made a plan...
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Lead Conversion

Wouldn't it be great if every lead converted on the first call? Unfortunately the days of the "one-call-close" are long gone and the most successful companies have implemented lead nurturing programs to maximize ROI. How are you Currently Nurturing Your Leads? Research shows that 40% of leads close eventually with consistent long-term follow-up. Our most successful clients...
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What Graduate School did Not Teach Me. Part II

What I have learned! If you have done everything possible to connect with a potential client, move on. They do not need your services right now. Determine your long-term strategy for the business. Sell in 20 years? Pass on to your children? Milk it for all it’s worth in 5 years and retire? These decisions will drive...
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What Graduate School Did NOT Teach Me

What I have learned The best marketing or business plan is no better than the implementation! It is less expensive to keep current customers than find new customer. To build on current customer revenue, constantly ask for the customer input as to what else you should add, modify or possibly eliminate. Consider the McDonalds strategy… Upsell! Every chance...
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Website Needs Help. Fix #3

Your Website Sends the Wrong Message, or Worse Yet, No Clear Message! What does your website landing page say in the first 5 - 10 seconds?  Or is it still loading content? The goal is to bring POTENTIAL customers to our website, but it is telling the viewer what exactly you do and why it is...
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