Emarketing guide

Why Consider eMail Marketing?

“More than 80% of marketers send target email campaigns”.  – Datran Media,“Marketing & Media Survey

Regardless of size or budget, the greatest business/sales success comes to those companies that stay close to their customers and listen to what they need. In today’s economy it is imperative to stay visible to your customers and listen to them. With companies, closing their doors, staying connected is the conduit that helps your clients know you are still in business. If your customers do not receive correspondence from you, how do they know you are still around?

Work smarter. Today, your marketing budget must work harder and get as much bang for the buck as possible. You are under more pressure than ever before to account for every dollar spent.

Email marketing, done correctly, is extremely powerful and cost-effective. It can be your number one customer acquisition and retention tool. Customer “custody” happens when your message matches your customer’s interest.

” We were excited about the rollout and pleased with the agility of the process. It is an important sales mechanism and supports our all our sales efforts”.  Applied Biosystems.