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Digital Marketing and Design Group.

TouchStone Marketing is a digital marketing and design group with special expertise in online advertising, website development and graphic design. We provide creative solutions to help businesses looking to get their name and company be found on the web. We help you stand out as someone people will Know, Like and Trust.

We know you can’t always tell your story to your customers face-to-face, which is why we are here to craft effective online marketing strategies that connect you with your customers. At TouchStone Marketing, we’ve been balancing imagination and experience to tell the stories of Bay Area businesses since 1997. We believe that marketing is fundamental to a company’s success and engaging the right tools and expert help is sometimes needed build your business.

Market Strategy

We work with small and medium sized companies to develop business solutions and marketing strategies to extend your corporate presence to your website.

Target Audience

One of the most important things to know when positioning your product or service is, “Who is your target customer?” Where do you find that customer? Networking?




Whether it’s hi-tech, low-tech, or no-tech, our team is second to none when it comes to creating systems that present your information in the most impactful manner possible.

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